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Image of TU Universe Moshiten

Studying the Universe - Moshiten 2023 (2024-01-19)

Image of TU Decoding Humans

Decoding the Neural Key to How Humans Efficiently Walk at Varied Speeds (2024-01-22)

Image of TU Universe Moshiten

Records of Cometary Dust Hitting the Asteroid Ryugu (2024-01-23)

Image of TU Decoding Humans

Potential Use of Topological Magnets for Magneto-thermoelectric Energy Conversion (2024-01-23)

Tohoku University Scholars is a public, searchable relational database designed to promote research collaborations
with Tohoku University scholars across disciplines and to engage with various stakeholders.

This portal helps you to:
-Find profiles of more than 3,000 faculty members;
-Identify experts and find specific research results with the help of concepts, keywords harvested from Scopus data;
-Look at the researchers' whole track record in Scopus, not limited to publications affiliated with Tohoku University;
-Identify similar researchers (similar research fingerprints);
-Look at the diverse profiles and search through the expertise of Tohoku University's departments, institutes, and centers;
-Explore the worldwide collaboration networks of our researchers; and
-Get access to the abstracts, characteristic keywords, link to journal page, and citation metrics/almetrics

The bibliographic data used is based on Elsevier's abstract and citation database Scopus.
This site was updated in July 2023. For questions regarding this database, please contact us
via the help button. For more detailed information on our researchers please refer to

In the future, we will inform you of updates and maintenance work via this top page.
The portal site is still updating, some information might not be available yet. (2023.07.31)
We are now in the process of renewing the portal toppage. Corona related default banner was
removed. (2024.02.28)
New feature available: Now Researchers related to specific SDGs can be identified directly
via the SDG icons on the top page. For further information on the SDGs mapping, refer to
SDG Research Mapping Initiative. (2023.08.02)
Media/Press mentions were newly added. Contents are limited to English news outlets. (2023.09.12)
Meet our Rising Stars: Tohoku University Distinguished Researchers and Prominent Research
Fellow information was added to person profiles. Also additional filtering option. (2023.09.13)

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