Adamantinoma arising in the distal end of the fibula

Shinichirou Yoshida, Takashi Murakami, Kentarou Suzuki, Shigemi Itou, Munenori Watanuki, Masami Hosaka, Yoshihiro Hagiwara

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Adamantinoma is a rare, low-grade, malignant bone tumor. It frequently occurs in the tibia but rarely arise in the distal end of the fibula. This study reported a case of adamantinoma arising in the distal end of the fibula, resulting in good prognosis. A 38-year old female felt left ankle pain, and was suspected as having a bone tumor at the distal end of the fibula by X-ray. She was diagnosed as the classical adamantinoma of the fibula by open biopsy. En bloc wide resection of the tumor, primary arthrodesis of the ankle was performed. During the follow-up period of 7 years after the surgery, she has lived without any metastasis and local recurrence. A wide resection and arthrodesis of the ankle joint can provide a good outcome for adamantinoma arising in the end of the fibula.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6823
Pages (from-to)14-17
Number of pages4
JournalRare Tumors
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Mar 24


  • Adamantinoma
  • Ankle joint
  • Arthrodesis
  • Fibula
  • Surgical treatment


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