An alternative approach to the measurement of anisotropy field – Single grain extraction

P. Tozman, H. Sepehri-Amin, L. T. Zhang, J. Wang, X. D. Xu, K. Hono

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A fast and cost effective way to determine the anisotropy field (µ0Ha) and the saturation magnetization (µ0Ms) of a hard magnetic compound is crucial to search for new permanent magnet materials. A single crystal in a defined shape is the conventional way to determine µ0Ha. However, the growth of phase-pure single crystalline sample is not always possible for some hard magnetic compounds with poor phase stability. In this study, we propose and demonstrate a fast and cost-effective method for determining µ0Ha and µ0Ms of a main phase in complex alloys. For this purpose, a single grain in trapezoidal prism shape was micro-sampled from bulk heterogeneous (Sm0.8Zr0.2)(Fe0.8Co0.2)11.5Ti0.5 ingot using focused ion beam, from which the magnetization and the anisotropy filed of the ThMn12-type phase in the alloy was determined to be μ0Ms = 1.53 T and µ0Ha = 8.2 T. Electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) was carried out prior to the lift-out process to select desired region with a known c-axis direction, parallel to the lift out direction in this work. The reliability of this technique was tested by comparing the result with that for the (Nd0.9Dy0.1)2Fe14B single crystal.

Original languageEnglish
Article number165747
JournalJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jan 15


  • Anisotropy field
  • Focused ion beam
  • Hard magnetic materials
  • Saturation magnetization


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