An SiO maser search off the galactic plane

Shuji Deguchi, Takahiro Fujii, Yoshifusa Ita, Hiroshi Imai, Hideyuki Izumiura, Osamu Kameya, Noriyuki Matsunaga, Atsushi Miyazaki, Arihiro Mizutani, Yoshikazu Nakada, Jun Ichi Nakashima, Anders Winnberg

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We searched for the SiO J = 1-0, v = 1 and 2 maser lines at ∼ 43 GHz in 277 2MASS/MSX/IRAS sources off the Galactic plane (|b| ≳ 3°), which resulted in 119 (112 new) detections. Among the new detections, two are very faint objects with MSX 12 μm flux densities below 2 Jy. These are likely to be O-rich AGB-stars associated with dwarf-galaxy tidal tails. The sample also includes medium bright MSX objects at moderately high galactic latitudes (3° < |b | < 5°) and in the IRAS gap at higher latitudes. A signature of a warp of the inner Galactic disk is found for a disk subsample. This warp appears relatively strongly in the area of 0° < l < 45° and 3° < |b| < 5°. We also found a group of stars that does not follow to the Galactic rotation. This feature appears in the Galactic disk at l ∼ 27°, and extends more than 15° in the galactic latitude, like a stream of tidal debris from a dwarf galaxy.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)559-587
Number of pages29
JournalPublication of the Astronomical Society of Japan
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • Galaxy: halo, kinematics and dynamics
  • Masers
  • Stars: AGB and post-AGB


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