Beamline test of a transition-edge-sensor spectrometer in preparation for kaonic-atom measurements

T. Hashimoto, M. Bazzi, D. A. Bennett, C. Berucci, D. Bosnar, C. Curceanu, W. B. Doriese, J. W. Fowler, H. Fujioka, C. Guaraldo, F. Parnefjord Gustafsson, R. Hayakawa, R. S. Hayano, J. P. Hays-Wehle, G. C. Hilton, T. Hiraiwa, Y. Ichinohe, M. Iio, M. Iliescu, S. IshimotoY. Ishisaki, K. Itahashi, M. Iwasaki, Y. Ma, H. Noda, H. Noumi, G. C. O'Neil, H. Ohnishi, S. Okada, H. Outa, K. Piscicchia, C. D. Reintsema, Y. Sada, F. Sakuma, M. Sato, D. R. Schmidt, A. Scordo, M. Sekimoto, H. Shi, D. Sirghi, F. Sirghi, K. Suzuki, D. S. Swetz, K. Tanida, H. Tatsuno, M. Tokuda, J. Uhlig, J. N. Ullom, S. Yamada, T. Yamazaki, J. Zmeskal

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We are developing a new technique to apply transition-edge sensors (TESs) to X-ray spectroscopy of exotic atoms, especially of kaonic atoms. To demonstrate the feasibility of this pioneering project, performance of a TES-based X-ray detector was evaluated in pion- and kaon-beam environments at particle accelerators.We successfully observed X-rays from pionic-carbon atoms with a resolution as good as 7 eV FWHM at 6 keV. Also at a kaon beamline, we confirmed that the TES spectrometer will be able to achieve our resolution goal, 6 eV, in our first scientific campaign to measure X-rays from kaonic-helium atoms.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2100905
JournalIEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Jun


  • Nuclear physics
  • Particle beams
  • Superconducting photodetectors
  • X-ray detectors


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