Cesium hafnium chloride scintillator coupled with an avalanche photodiode photodetector

S. Kurosawa, S. Kodama, Y. Yokota, T. Horiai, A. Yamaji, Y. Shoji, R. Kraandl, J. Pejchal, Y. Ohashi, K. Kamada, M. Nikl, A. Yoshikawa

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Optical and scintillation properties of pure Cs2HfCl6 (CHC) single crystals were investigated. In particular, light output and energy resolution were measured using a Si avalanche photodiode (Si-APD), since the Si-APD has sufficient quantum efficiency of around 70 % at emission wavelength region of CHC around 420 nm. This CHC single crystal grown using the vertical Bridgeman method showed light output of 37,000andplusmn; 2,000 photons/MeV . The FWHM energy resolution was determined to be 3.7andplusmn; 0.5andtimes; (E/662 keV)-0.85andplusmn; 0.03[%], where E [keV] is the gamma-ray energy. Moreover, the temperature dependence of the light output was stable from -5 to 30 -C, while the light output increased below -10 -C.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberC02042
JournalJournal of Instrumentation
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Feb 14


  • Gamma detectors
  • Scintillators and scintillating fibres and light guides
  • Scintillators, scintillation and light emission processes (solid, gas and liquid scintillators)


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