Coastal adaptation to Sea Level Rise: An overview of Egypt's efforts

Mahmoud Sharaan, Moheb Iskander, Keiko Udo

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Coastal zones are recognized as priority areas for climate change adaptation. Without robust and effective adaptation, numerous coastal zones will be drastically affected. There is an ongoing need for coastal adaptation particularly, for the low-lying deltas, which are highly vulnerable to the coastal hazards-based Sea Level Rise (SLR). Worldwide, the national coastal strategies mainly focusing on the three coastal adaptation approaches issued by the International Panel of Climate Change (retreat, accommodation, and protection). The developed and developing countries are being made serious efforts to adapt to the SLR. This paper investigates the Egyptian efforts, best practices, and experiences in dealing with coastal erosion, flooding, and inundation-based SLR. The Egyptian national strategy for coastal adaptation mainly adopted the protection approach. Along the Nile Delta coast of Egypt, various national projects contain coastal adaptation measures were detected, such as seawalls, revetments, sand dunes, nourishment, and artificial sand dunes based on a geotextile sand-tube core using natural reed mats for sand trapping. In addition, different actions such as constructing modern fish farming, regular dredging for coastal lakes and lagoons, and enforcing the coastal road were observed. All provide defense systems. Most of these promising adaptation technologies, efforts, and actions show favorable responses to guarantee adequate protection against SLR hazards.

Original languageEnglish
Article number106024
JournalOcean and Coastal Management
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Mar 1


  • Adaptation
  • Coastal zone
  • Egypt
  • Nile delta
  • SLR

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