Comparison of genetic improvement for litter size at birth by direct and indirect selection in swine herd

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Responses to selection for number of piglets born alive (NBA) by the total number of piglets born (TNB), the NBA, and the NBA plus number of piglets born dead (NBD) were compared using the accuracy of selection and expected genetic gain calculated from the selection index with family information and the real response to selection, using data generated by Monte Carlo computer simulation. The accuracy of selection for NBA selected by TNB was higher than that by NBA only if the genetic correlation between TNB and NBA was close to 1.0, or the value of heritability for the TNB was much larger than that for the NBA. The accuracy of selection for the NBA selected by the combination of the TNB and the NBA was generally highest in the three selection methods in each family structure. Selection by the TNB resulted in the greatest expected genetic gain for the TNB among the selection methods. In the best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) selection, the genetic gain for the NBA accumulated by the NBA tended to be similar to that accumulated by the combination of the NBA and the NBD, and both genetic gains at generation 10 were significantly larger than that by the TNB (P < 0.001). The accumulated responses selected by the two-trait animal model BLUP estimated from genetic parameters with errors were similar to those estimated from the true parameters, and there was no significant difference between them. These results indicate that selection by the NBA or by the NBA and the NBD gives more genetic improvement in the NBA than that by the TNB.

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  • Accuracy of selection
  • Genetic gain
  • Litter size
  • Number born alive
  • Number born dead

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