Crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of β-MoSi2

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A powder sample of a metastable phase β-MoSi2 having the C40-type crystal structure was prepared by heating Mo sheets with a Na-Si melt at 858 K for 12 h to determine details of the crystal structure. The lattice constants (a = 4.6016(3) and c = 6.5700(3) ) and Si atom coordinate (y = 0.1658(2)) of β-MoSi2 were determined by Rietveld analysis of the X-ray powder diffraction. The thermoelectric properties were refined for a bulk sample prepared by sintering the β-MoSi2 powder at 773 K and 600 MPa. The electrical resistivity of the sintered β-MoSi2 sample with a relative density of 65% of the theoretical one was 2.5 mΩ cm at 300 K, and slightly increased with increasing temperature from 300 to 725 K. The Seebeck coefficients changed from +60 to +89 μV/K in the temperature range from 330 to 725 K. The maximum thermoelectric power factor was 2.2 × 10-6 W cm-1 K-2 at 725 K.

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  • A. Molybdenum silicides
  • B. Crystallography
  • B. Thermoelectric properties
  • C. Melting


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