Design, assessment and evaluation of structural stabilization system for weather buoys using a moving foil

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This paper proposes a novel, simple and high-efficient submerged structural stabilization system for a self-stabilizing buoy that provides a stable platform for oceanographic and meteorological sensors. The proposed stabilization system is a Seesaw-like Tuned Mass Damper (STMD) combined with a foil and is designed in a way to harvest the activation energy from incoming waves. A fixed rudder in the rear underside of the buoy, as well as physical properties of the buoy, help to keep its balance in yaw and roll directions while encountering lateral waves. Therefore, the orientational stabilization of the whole structure is achieved by controlling only the pitch deviation. The proposed model is then simulated in a marine dynamic analysis software. Two different shapes of a thin rod and a foil were proposed for the sliding mass (slider) of the STMD and their performances are investigated and compared to each other in two different modes of passive and active control. In the passive mode, different mass ratios were conducted for the thin rod-shaped slider (i.e., a ratio of the effective mass of the stabilizing system to that of the whole structure) and a mass ratio of 8% could suppress the pitch deviation up to 81.3% in the resonance condition. The same STMD system with a mass ratio of 2% suppresses the pitch deviation by only 7%. In the active mode, the STMD with a thin rod-shaped slider and a mass ratio of 8% exhibits only 49.1% suppression effect in a multiwave condition. However, by changing the shape of the slider to a foil while controlling its angle of attack (AOA) mechanically, the system with the mass ratios of 2% and 8% could suppress the pitch deviation of the buoy up to 69.4% and 79.1%, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Article number30
JournalROBOMECH Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Dec 1


  • Active control
  • Offshore structure
  • Passive control
  • Posture stabilization
  • Seesaw tuned mass damper


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