Design of linac based compact x-ray source via inverse Compton scattering at Waseda University

A. Masuda, T. Gowa, C. Igarashi, T. Kashino, N. Mitsuda, K. Sakaue, M. Washio, R. Kuroda, S. Kashiwagi, H. Hayano, J. Urakawa, K. Ushida

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A table-top size soft X-ray source based on inverse Compton scattering has been developed at Waseda University. We have already succeeded in generating X-rays via inverse Compton scattering between 4.6 MeV electron beam generated from a photocathode RF-gun and 1047 nm Nd:YLF laser. The energy of the X-ray is within the !Hwater window !Iegion which can be applied to the soft X-ray microscope for biological observation. In 2007, new RF-gun cavity with Cs-Te photocathode in place of copper has been installed. The energy of electron beam has become up to 5.5 MeV due to the increase of Q-value of the gun cavity. With this achievement, generated X-ray energies will cover overall the !Hwater window !Iregion. We have been planning a multi-pulse inverse Compton scattering X-ray generation system in order to enhance a luminous intensity of the X-rays. For this purpose, we are considering a multi-pulse UV laser system for generating a multi-bunch electron beam, the method for beam loading compensation, and the multi-pulse IR laser system for the Compton collisions.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - 2008
Event11th European Particle Accelerator Conference, EPAC 2008 - Genoa, Italy
Duration: 2008 Jun 232008 Jun 27


Conference11th European Particle Accelerator Conference, EPAC 2008


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