Development of design for large scale conductors and coils using MgB2 for superconducting magnetic energy storage device

Tsuyoshi Yagai, Sinya Mizuno, Toru Okubo, Sora Mizuochi, Masahiro Kamibayashi, Mana Jimbo, Tomoaki Takao, Naoki Hirano, Yasuhiro Makida, Takakazu Shintomi, Toshihiro Komagome, Kenichi Tsukada, Taiki Onji, Yuki Arai, Atsushi Ishihara, Masaru Tomita, Daisuke Miyagi, Makoto Tsuda, Takataro Hamajima

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MgB2 wires are commercially available, and their superconducting characteristics have been continuously developed in the last decade. The relatively high critical temperature of these wires has attracted the attention of researchers, especially in the field of superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) coil applications in terms of its relatively high critical temperature, as it enables the use of liquid hydrogen for cooling the coils. The sensitivity of multi-filament MgB2 wires to bending strain makes the design of large-scale conductors and coils for an SMES system technologically difficult, and the careful investigation of the applied strains during manufacturing is required. Two-conventional methods have been introduced for the fabrication of the coils: wind-and-react (W&R) and react-and-wind (R&W). These methods have been demonstrated to be suitable for the production of large-scale MgB2 magnets to maximize the coil performance. The W&R and R&W methods have been successfully applied to the designs of conductors and coils, and small W&R test coil fabrication, as well as stability demonstrations are performed in this study. Our study is the first to demonstrate the feeding of hundreds of amperes of transport current using multifilamentary MgB2 wires at around liquid hydrogen temperature in the practical background magnetic field of 2 T. The minimum quench energy and normal zone propagation velocity are also experimentally investigated for the protection of the actual coils for SMES application.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)75-82
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Dec


  • Energization test
  • Large-scale conductor
  • MgB
  • Pancake-coils
  • React and wind
  • Superconducting magnetic energy storage
  • Wind and react


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