Education for six-years graduate school of pharmaceutical sciences: A case of Tohoku university

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We would like to introduce our new project to develop a course program for the 4-year system of graduate school of pharmacy Tohoku University after the 6-year program of the college of pharmacy. New course program designed will be two fields of 'cancer chemotherapy' and 'life-style related diseases' for clinical specialists and scientists of pharmacy. Our vision through this new program is to educate and produce the preeminent personnel being responsible for the safety and effective pharmaceutical care service in the clinical settings, with having the practical professional knowledge, skill and highly research ability, such as doing intervention and recommendation against a prescription planning process with an appropriate drug use. The personnel educated using our program will be called 'a next generation type pharmacist (or a Japanese-style pharmacist practitioner)'. Our program is a joint project with the graduate school of medicine and the university hospital, Tohoku University. The College of Pharmacy, Tohoku University placed two new laboratories and employed six faculties who are registered pharmacists in order to achieve above, and they also hold the post of pharmacist of the university hospital. And graduate students who are registered pharmacists also work in the university hospital now.

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