Effect of cation ordering on the performance and chemical stability of layered double perovskite cathodes

Carlos Bernuy-Lopez, Laura Rioja-Monllor, Takashi Nakamura, Sandrine Ricote, Ryan O'Hayre, Koji Amezawa, Mari Ann Einarsrud, Tor Grande

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The effect of A-site cation ordering on the cathode performance and chemical stability of A-site cation ordered LaBaCo2O5+δ and disordered La0.5Ba0.5CoO3-δ materials are reported. Symmetric half-cells with a proton-conducting BaZr0.9Y0.1O3-δ electrolyte were prepared by ceramic processing, and good chemical compatibility of the materials was demonstrated. Both A-site ordered LaBaCo2O5+δ and A-site disordered La0.5Ba0.5CoO3-δ yield excellent cathode performance with Area Specific Resistances as low as 7.4 and 11.5 Ω·cm2 at 400 °C and 0.16 and 0.32 Ω·cm2 at 600 °C in 3% humidified synthetic air respectively. The oxygen vacancy concentration, electrical conductivity, basicity of cations and crystal structure were evaluated to rationalize the electrochemical performance of the two materials. The combination of high-basicity elements and high electrical conductivity as well as sufficient oxygen vacancy concentration explains the excellent performance of both LaBaCo2O5+δ and La0.5Ba0.5CoO3-δ materials at high temperatures. At lower temperatures, oxygen-deficiency in both materials is greatly reduced, leading to decreased performance despite the high basicity and electrical conductivity. A-site cation ordering leads to a higher oxygen vacancy concentration, which explains the better performance of LaBaCo2O5+δ. Finally, the more pronounced oxygen deficiency of the cation ordered polymorph and the lower chemical stability at reducing conditions were confirmed by coulometric titration.

Original languageEnglish
Article number196
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jan 26


  • Cathode
  • Layered double perovskite
  • Proton ceramic fuel cells (PCFC)


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