Effect of trehalose supplementation on growth performance and intestinal morphology in broiler chickens

Yuwares Ruangpanit, Koichi Matsushita, Kazuhisa Mukai, Motoi Kikusato

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Trehalose (Tre) is a natural disaccharide. A laboratory-scale investigation showed that Tre supplementation increased the growth rate in juvenile chicks, possibly via the improvement of innate intestinal immune responses. In this study, two trials were conducted to evaluate the growth-promoting effect of Tre supplementation in broiler chickens. In experiment-1, two thousand day-old male and female broiler chicks (Ross) were fed 0 (control), 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75% Tre-supplemented pellet-form diets from d 1–17, and subsequently, they were provided grower (d 18–30) and finisher (d 31–37) diets without Tre supplementation. Over the trial period, there was no significant difference in body weight (BW), feed intake and feed conversion ratio (FCR) between chickens in the control and Tre-fed groups. Tre treatment increased villus height (VH)/crypt depth (CD) ratio and villus surface in jejunum; decreased CD and increased VH/CD ratio in ileum on d 17, when these results were compared to the control group. In experiment-2, two hundred day-old female broiler chicks were fed an antibiotics-free and mash-form diet supplemented with 0.5% Tre from d 1–21, before being fed a non-supplemental diet until d 43. There was no difference in BW on d 21 between the control and Tre-0.5% groups; however, from d 22–43, Tre-0.5% group showed significantly higher BW gain and lower FCR compared to the control group. From these results, we suggest that Tre feeding can be beneficial for intestinal morphology and growth performance in broiler chickens. However, these outcomes did not occur in parallel owing to the different feeding conditions observed.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100142
JournalVeterinary and Animal Science
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Dec


  • Alternative to antibiotics
  • Broiler
  • Growth performance
  • Intestinal morphology
  • Trehalose


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