Elevated CO 2 differentially affects photosynthetic induction response in two Populus species with different stomatal behavior

Hajime Tomimatsu, Yanhong Tang

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To understand dynamic photosynthetic characteristics in response to fluctuating light under a high CO 2 environment, we examined photosynthetic induction in two poplar genotypes from two species, Populus koreana × trichocarpa cv. Peace and Populus euramericana cv. I-55, respectively. Stomata of cv. Peace barely respond to changes in photosynthetic photon flux density (PFD), whereas those of cv. I-55 show a normal response to variations in PFD at ambient CO 2. The plants were grown under three CO 2 regimes (380, 700, and 1,020 μmol CO 2 mol -1 in air) for approximately 2 months. CO 2 gas exchange was measured in situ in the three CO 2 regimes under a sudden PFD increase from 20 to 800 μmol m -2 s -1. In both genotypes, plants grown under higher CO 2 conditions had a higher photosynthetic induction state, shorter induction time, and reduced induction limitation to photosynthetic carbon gain. Plants of cv. I-55 showed a much larger increase in induction state and decrease in induction time under high CO 2 regimes than did plants of cv. Peace. These showed that, throughout the whole induction process, genotype cv. I-55 had a much smaller reduction of leaf carbon gain under the two high CO 2 regimes than under the ambient CO 2 regime, while the high CO 2 effect was smaller in genotype cv. Peace. The results suggest that a high CO 2 environment can reduce both biochemical and stomatal limitations of leaf carbon gain during the photosynthetic induction process, and that a rapid stomatal response can further enhance the high CO 2 effect.

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Publication statusPublished - 2012 Aug
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  • Carbon gain
  • High CO
  • Induction state
  • Lightflecks
  • Stomatal conductance

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