Evaluation of Caldera Hosted Geothermal Potential during Volcanism and Magmatism in Subduction System, NE Japan

Fajar F. Amanda, Ryoichi Yamada, Masaoki Uno, Satoshi Okumura, Noriyoshi Tsuchiya

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Deep-seated geothermal reservoirs beneath calderas have high potential as sources of renewable energy. In this study, we used an analysis of melt inclusions to estimate the amount of water input to the upper crust and quantify the properties of a deep-seated geothermal reservoir within a fossil caldera, the late Miocene Fukano Caldera (formation age 8-6 Ma), Sendai, NE Japan. Our research shows that Fukano Caldera consists of the southern part and northern part deposits which differ in the age and composition. The northern deposits are older and have higher potassium and silica contents than the southern deposits. Both the northern and southern deposits record plagioclase and plagioclase-quartz differentiation and are classified as dacite-rhyolite. The fossil magma chamber underlying the caldera is estimated to have a depth of 2-10 km and a water content of 3.3-7.0 wt.%, and when the chamber was active it had an estimated temperature of 750°C-795°C. The water input into the fossil magma chamber is estimated at 2.3-7.6 t/yr/m arc length based on the magma chamber size the water content in the magma chamber and the length of volcanism periods of Fukano Caldera, NE Japan arc. The total amount of water that is stored in the chamber is 1014 kg. The chamber is saturated in water and has potential as a deep-seated geothermal reservoir. Based on the shape of the chamber, the reservoir measures 10 km × 5 km in the horizontal dimension and is 7-9 km in vertical extent. The 0th estimate shows that the reservoir can hold the electric energy equivalent of 33-45 GW over 30 years of power generation. Although the Fukano reservoir has great potential, commercial exploitation remains challenging owing to the corrosive nature of the magmatic fluids and the uncertain permeability network of the reservoir.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3031586
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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