Fabrication and characterization of magneto-rheological shear-stiffened elastomers

Jian Yang, Shuaishuai Sun, Haiping Du, Gursel Alici, Tianhong Yan, Weihua Li

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This study presents a novel smart solid material called magneto-rheological shear-stiffened elastomer (MRSSE) whose storage modulus can be changed obviously by both magnetic field and shear rate. The MRSSE was fabricated by mixing shear-thickening fluids (STFs) with carbonyl iron particles and silicon rubber thoroughly. All of the samples were then tested by using a parallel-plate rheometer. It is noted that increasing strain induces a slight decrease on the storage modulus, but an increase on the maximum shear stress of the samples before a critical shear strain. In terms of the magneto-rheological effect, MRSSE is more sensitive to the change of magnetic field because it shows a faster increase in storage modulus and the maximum shear stress with growing current levels when compared to magneto-rheological elastomer. The comparison results between different MRSSE samples reveal that the bigger the mass fraction of STFs the larger the storage modulus when the samples are loaded at a same shear rate. Additionally, the MRSSE shows an obvious increase on the storage modulus and the maximum shear stress when the shear rate increases.

Original languageEnglish
Article number22
JournalFrontiers in Materials
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Oct 31
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  • Magneto-rheological effect
  • Magneto-rheological elastomers
  • Magneto-rheological shear-stiffened effect
  • Magneto-rheological shear-stiffened elastomers
  • Shear-stiffened effect
  • Shear-thickening fluids

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