Growth and scintillation properties of Eu doped LiSrI3/LiI eutectics

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Eu doped LiSrI3/LiI eutectics were grown by the Bridgman method in a quartz ample with 4 mm inner diameter. and their directionally solidified eutectic system has been investigated. Growth rate was 0.3 mm/min. The eutectic showed well aligned eutectic structure and optically transparent. Grown Eu doped LiSrI3/LiI eutectic shows 400 nm emission ascribed to Eu2+ 4f-5d transition under X-ray excitation. The light yield was around 26,000 photon/MeV for 662 keV gamma-ray and 35,000 photons for 5.5 MeV alpha-ray.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)70-74
Number of pages5
JournalOptical Materials
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Jun


  • Europium
  • Eutectic
  • LiSrI
  • Luminescence
  • Scintillator


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