Heterogeneously Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation of Sulfides with a BaRuO3 Nanoperovskite

Keigo Kamata, Kosei Sugahara, Yuuki Kato, Satoshi Muratsugu, Yu Kumagai, Fumiyasu Oba, Michikazu Hara

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A rhombohedral BaRuO3 nanoperovskite, which was synthesized by the sol-gel method using malic acid, could act as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the selective oxidation of various aromatic and aliphatic sulfides with molecular oxygen as the sole oxidant. BaRuO3 showed much higher catalytic activities than other catalysts, including ruthenium-based perovskite oxides, under mild reaction conditions. The catalyst could be recovered by simple filtration and reused several times without obvious loss of its high catalytic performance. The catalyst effect, 18O-labeling experiments, and kinetic and mechanistic studies showed that substrate oxidation proceeds with oxygen species caused by the solid. The crystal structure of ruthenium-based oxides is crucial to control the nature of the oxygen atoms and significantly affects their oxygen transfer reactivity. Density functional theory calculations revealed that the face-sharing octahedra in BaRuO3 likely are possible active sites in the present oxidation in sharp contrast to the corner-sharing octahedra in SrRuO3, CaRuO3, and RuO2. The superior oxygen transfer ability of BaRuO3 is also applicable to the quantitative conversion of dibenzothiophene into the corresponding sulfone and gram-scale oxidation of 4-methoxy thioanisole, in which 1.20 g (71% yield) of the analytically pure sulfoxide could be isolated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)23792-23801
Number of pages10
JournalACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Issue number28
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jul 18
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  • molecular oxygen
  • oxygen transfer
  • perovskite
  • ruthenium
  • selective oxidation
  • sulfide

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