High-pressure synthesis of heavily hole-doped cuprates Mg1-x Lix Cu2 O3 with quasi-one-dimensional structure

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We investigate electronic properties of hole-doped cuprates Mg1-xLixCu2O3 with the quasi-one-dimensional two-leg-ladder structure. We succeeded in extending the solubility limit of Li in Mg1-xLixCu2O3 from x=0.12 to x=0.60 by using the high-pressure synthesis technique. The antiferromagnetic transition temperature rapidly decreases with increasing Li content from 94 K at x=0 to 7.5 K at x=0.30, and takes an almost constant value (3-6 K) at x≥0.35. The antiferromagnetic order still exists even at x=0.60, where the formal valence of Cu is as large as +2.30. The temperature dependence of the specific heat suggests the finite contribution of the electronic specific heat at x=0.20-0.60, which is consistent with high valence of Cu. Nevertheless, the temperature dependence of resistivity shows a variable range hopping behavior in the whole x ranges, and the insulating behavior survives under the pressure up to 2.9 GPa. This peculiar behavior is owing to the disorder originating from the intersite atom exchanges due to the similar ionic radius of cations in Mg1-xLixCu2O3. Nonmagnetic ions of Mg2+ and Li+ are introduced into the Cu2O3 planes of Mg1-xLixCu2O3, resulting in the localization of doped hole carriers.

Original languageEnglish
Article number245112
JournalPhysical Review B
Issue number24
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jun 15

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