High resolution analysis of ionic liquid

Tomohiro Miyata, Teruyasu Mizoguchi

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Ionic liquid is composed of cationic and anionic molecules, and one of the most promising material for next generation electric and battery devices because of their characteristic properties, namely non-volatility even under ultrahigh vacuum and electric conductivity. Furthermore, their properties, such as viscosity and electro-conductivity, can be controlled by designing the molecular structure. However, although analysing their nano-structures and atomic/molecular behaviour is indispensable to grasp the mechanism, detailed understanding of them is still a challenging problem because of lack of high spatial resolution analytical methods for them. Here, we have developed a method to directly image the single atoms in liquid phases using scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM). We have prepared an ultra-thin (1~50 nm) liquid sample of ionic liquid C2mim-TFSI and C8mim-Br. This liquid sample was confirmed to be suitable for STEM/TEM-EELS analysis [1]. Then, we have observed the liquid using high-angle annular….

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Publication statusPublished - 2016
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