High temperature superconductivity at the interface Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3/La2CuO4

D. P. Pavlov, I. I. Piyanzina, N. N. Garig'yanov, T. M. Salikhov, A. O. Chibirev, I. F. Gilmutdinov, R. V. Yusupov, V. M Mukhortov, T. Adachi, T. Kawamata, Y. Koike, V. V Kabanov, R. F. Mamin

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We present the results of the investigations of high conducting area and superconductivity at the interfaces between ferroelectric oxide and insulating oxide in heterostructures, isostructural to BaTiO3/La2CuO4. The performed numerical simulations of BaTiO3/La2CuO4 heterostructure show the possibility of high conductivity state at the interface. The temperature dependence of the measured electrical resistance of the Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3/La2CuO4 heterostructure interface have been studied and the superconducting behaviour with transition temperature Tc about 30K has been found. Therefore, the transition to the state with 2DEG at the interface is demonstrated. The results offer the possibility to design novel electronic devices.

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