Implementation and verification of a four-probe motion error measurement system for a large-scale roll lathe used in hybrid manufacturing

Yuan Liu Chen, Zengyuan Niu, Daiki Matsuura, Jung Chul Lee, Yuki Shimizu, Wei Gao, Jeong Seok Oh, Chun Hong Park

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In this paper, a four-probe measurement system is implemented and verified for the carriage slide motion error measurement of a large-scale roll lathe used in hybrid manufacturing where a laser machining probe and a diamond cutting tool are placed on two sides of a roll workpiece for manufacturing. The motion error of the carriage slide of the roll lathe is composed of two straightness motion error components and two parallelism motion error components in the vertical and horizontal planes. Four displacement measurement probes, which are mounted on the carriage slide with respect to four opposing sides of the roll workpiece, are employed for the measurement. Firstly, based on the reversal technique, the four probes are moved by the carriage slide to scan the roll workpiece before and after a 180-degree rotation of the roll workpiece. Taking into consideration the fact that the machining accuracy of the lathe is influenced by not only the carriage slide motion error but also the gravity deformation of the large-scale roll workpiece due to its heavy weight, the vertical motion error is thus characterized relating to the deformed axis of the roll workpiece. The horizontal straightness motion error can also be synchronously obtained based on the reversal technique. In addition, based on an error separation algorithm, the vertical and horizontal parallelism motion error components are identified by scanning the rotating roll workpiece at the start and the end positions of the carriage slide, respectively. The feasibility and reliability of the proposed motion error measurement system are demonstrated by the experimental results and the measurement uncertainty analysis.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105004
JournalMeasurement Science and Technology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Sept 7


  • carriage slide
  • diamond turning machine
  • drum roll lathe
  • error separation
  • hybrid manufacturing
  • motion error measurement


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