Influence of soil chemical properties on adsorption and oxidation of phenolic acids in soil suspension

Tomoyuki Makino, Yoshiaki Takahashi, Yasuhiro Sakurai, Masami Nanzyo

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Relationships between abiotic oxidation and adsorption of phenolic acids added to soils and soil chemical properties were investigated by using 32 soil samples and ferulic, vanillic, and p-hydroxybenzoic acids. Soil properties studied were as follows: (as adsorption factors) contents of acid oxalate extractable Al (Alo), Fe (Feo), dithionite-citrate-bicarbonate (DCB) extractable Fe (Fed), total carbon and clay, and (as oxidation factors) level of soil oxidative activity (Cr oxidation) determined by the amount of Cr(VI) converted from Cr(III) added to soils. Soil samples were divided into 3 types based on chemical properties: Andosols A (A horizon of Andosols), Andosols B (B horizon of Andosols and light-colored Andosols), and non-Andosols. The recovery of all phenolic acids (RPA) was negatively correlated with the total carbon and Feo contents in Andosols A and B, respectively, which suggested adsorption onto soil organic matter in Andosols A and onto Feo in Andosols B. It was considered that almost no oxidation of phenolic acids occurred in Andosols A, because a very small amount of Cr(VI) was obtained. The recovery of ferulic acid (RFA) and vanillic acid (RVA), however, was negatively correlated with Cr oxidation in non-Andosols, suggesting that these phenolic acids were oxidized, while almost all of the p-hydroxybenzoic acid was recovered. These results were also supported by the comparison between RFA and recovery of dissolved organic carbon (RTOC). RFA was very similar to RTOC in Andosols A and B, which indicated that adsorption occurred, whereas RFA was lower than RTOC in the non-Andosols that showed a high level of Cr oxidation, indicating that oxidation took place. Manganese dissolution which occurred when phenolic acids were added to soils was also examined.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)867-879
Number of pages13
JournalSoil Science and Plant Nutrition
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1996 Dec


  • Abiotic oxidation
  • Adsorption
  • Manganese dissolution
  • Oxidative activity of soil
  • Phenolic acid


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