Inhibition of motility and invasiveness of renal cell carcinoma induced by short interfering RNA transfection of β1,4GalNAc transferase

Hiroshi Aoki, Makoto Satoh, Koji Mitsuzuka, Akihiro Ito, Seiichi Saito, Tadao Funato, Mareyuki Endoh, Toshiko Takahashi, Yoichi Arai

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Human renal cell carcinoma (RCC) has been characterized by remarkable changes in ganglioside composition. TOS1 cells, typical of metastatic RCC, are characterized by predominance of GM2 as monosialoganglioside, and β1,4GalNAc disialyl-Lc4 (RM2 antigen) as disialoganglioside [J. Biol. Chem. 276 (2001) 16695]. In order to observe the functional role of gangliosides in RCC malignancy, TOS1 cells were transfected with short interfering RNA (siRNA) based on open reading frame sequence of β1,4GalNAc transferase (β1,4GalNAc-T), and its disordered sequence of siRNA (dsiRNA) as control. In siRNA transfectant, β1,4GalNAc-T mRNA level and GM2 expression were greatly reduced, whereby GM3 expression appeared. In contrast, RM2 antigen level was unchanged, even though it has the same β1,4GalNAc epitope at the terminus. dsiRNA transfectant showed no change of β1,4GalNAc-T mRNA and did not express GM3. Concomitant with reduction of GM2 and appearance of GM3, siRNA transfectant showed greatly reduced motility and invasiveness, although growth rate was unaltered. Both transfectants with siRNA and dsiRNA expressed the same level of tetraspanin CD9. Since CD9/GM3 complex is known to reduce integrin-dependent motility and invasiveness [Biochemistry 40 (2001) 6414], it is plausible that motility and invasiveness of siRNA transfectant of TOS1 cells may be reduced by enhanced formation of such complex.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)203-208
Number of pages6
JournalFEBS Letters
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Jun 4


  • C/M, chloroform/methanol
  • GAPDH, glyceraldehyde 6-phosphate dehydrogenase
  • GSL, glycosphingolipid
  • PCR, polymerase chain reaction
  • RCC, renal cell carcinoma
  • dsiRNA, disordered siRNA
  • mAb, monoclonal antibody
  • β1,4GalNAc-T, β1,4GalNAc transferase


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