Ink-jet printing of organic metal electrodes using charge-transfer compounds

M. Hiraoka, T. Hasegawa, Y. Abe, T. Yamada, Y. Tokura, H. Yamochi, G. Saito, T. Akutagawa, T. Nakamura

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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In this work the authors fabricated patterned thin films made of highly conductive organic charge-transfer complexes using the ink-jet printing technique. The overprinted films of B O9 (C14 -TCNQ)4 exhibit low sheet resistivity and are available for carrier injection and interconnection of organic field-effect transistors (FETs). The performance of pentacene thin film FETs, where the top contact and bottom contact are ink-jet-printed organic electrodes, demonstrates the potential of organic/organic heterointerfaces.

Original languageEnglish
Article number173504
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number17
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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