Laboratory and clinical evaluation of tazobactam/piperacillin

Yoshihiro Yamamoto, Katunori Yanagihara, Hideaki Ohno, Kazuhiko Ogawa, Takakazu Ohtsubo, Yoshitsugu Miyazaki, Yasuhito Higashiyama, Haruko Miyazaki, Koutaro Mitsutake, Atsurou Hashimoto, Kazunori Tomono, Hironobu Koga, Shigeru Kohno, Chikako Moehida, Kazuyuki Sugawara, Mitsuo Kaku, Hiromu Takemura, Hidenori Sugiyama, Tetuo Taniguti, Kazunori ShimogutiKiyoyasu Fukushima, Hiroyuki Hori, Taiji Masuyama, Takayuki Ohtsubo, Kiyo Fujita, Toshiyuki Ohe, Kazuhiro Okuno

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A newly developed antimicrobial agent, tazobactam/piperacillin (TAZ/PIPC), was evaluated in vitro and in vitro. The results were as follows: 1) Antimicrobial activity: Minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) against 515 clinical isolates of 16 different species were determined and compared with 3 other drugs, piperacillin (PIPC), clavulanic acid/ticarcillin (CVA/TIPC), and sulbactam/cefoperazine (SBT/CPZ). TAZ/PIPC showed excellent antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and-negative bacteria. The MICs of TAZ/PIPC were superior to those of PIPC. 2) TAZ concentrations in serum and sputum: A patient with bronchiectasis was given 0.25 g/1.0 g of TAZ/PIPC intravenously and its concentration in serum was measured with time. The peak concentration in serum was observed immediately after the infusion, and reached 5.31 μg/ml. The peak sputum level of 0.34 μg/ml was observed 3~4 hours after infusion. This suggests that TAZ has rapid and good penetration into the sputum. 3) Clinical efficacy and adverse reaction: Twenty-three patients were treated with TAZ/PIPC. The overall efficacy rate was 95%(excellent in 5 cases, good in 14, poor in 1, and not evaluable in 3). Stomatitis and nausea were observed in one case each as adverse reactions. As abnormal laboratory findings, elevation of GOT was observed in 1 case and eosinophilia in 1. All of these were mild and improved rapidly after the completion of administration, indicating that TAZ/PIPC is a safe agent.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)443-451
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 1994
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