Laser-induced terahertz emission from layered synthetic magnets

Yuma Ogasawara, Yuta Sasaki, Satoshi Iihama, Akira Kamimaki, Kazuya Suzuki, Shigemi Mizukami

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We investigated laser-pulse-induced terahertz (THz) emission in Ta/CoFeB/Ir/CoFeB/Ta layered synthetic magnets with different Ir spacer thicknesses. THz emissions were observed under no applied magnetic fields for samples exhibiting interlayer antiferromagnetic exchange couplings, and those THz emissions also showed oscillatory behavior against the Ir spacer thicknesses. These results are qualitatively explained with the THz emission mechanism due to the inverse spin Hall effect for the laser-induced spin current in the layered structures. We also discuss the effect of a non-collinear configuration of magnetizations on THz emission with macrospin simulation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number063001
JournalApplied Physics Express
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jun 1

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