Life science must go on: Standing up after the 311 disaster

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Just 1month has passed since the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Japan occurred in the Tohoku-Kanto area. The earthquake was followed soon afterwards by an unexpected huge tsunami that destroyed many villages and towns near the coast. Perhaps even more seriously, nuclear power plants in Fukushima were damaged, resulting in electricity interruptions and radioactive contamination. It is sad that nearly thirty thousand people died or are still missing as a result of this disaster. I wish to express my deepest sympathy to all the victims and for those that are still being affected by what happened. The 311 earthquake and the ensuing problems have shaken us to the bottom of our hearts, not only physically but also mentally. As one of the persons present in the area at the time of the earthquake, I would like to report how I experienced the 311 disaster in our laboratory in Tohoku University and how this experience has changed my outlook on many things.

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