Lifestyle habits and the risk factors of dementia: Evidence from Japan

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Aim: In this study, we seek to empirically understand the relationship between lifestyle habits and dementia risk. Methods: Through an original online survey, we first confirm the significant difference in the dementia risk indicators between good and bad lifestyle habits. Then, using regression analysis to hold other factors equal, we examine the relationships between lifestyle habits and an aggregate dementia risk indicator. Results: Through the t-test results, we find that the average scores of dementia risk for respondents avoiding good habits and preferring bad habits are significantly higher than those of the respondents favoring good habits and avoiding bad habits. Our empirical findings showed that Japanese-style dietary habits significantly correlate with a decreased dementia risk. An additional 1-point increase in eating habits will reduce dementia risk scores by 0.148 points, on average. Furthermore, we also confirm that walking (more than three times per week) and watching TV (almost every day) help prevent dementia. Conclusions: We conclude that maintaining a good lifestyle helps prevent dementia. In particular, good eating habits, both in terms of types of food and eating routines, are essential to avoid the development of dementia. Most of these lifestyle habits belong to the targets of the “Health Japan 21” project. Therefore, our findings might provide some convincing evidence for promoting the project, which will not only extend healthy life expectancy, but also reduce the increasing number of older adults with dementia. Geriatr Gerontol Int 2021; 21: 203–208.

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  • dementia
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  • watching TV

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