Long-range topological correlations of real polycrystalline grains in two dimensions

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The topological and geometric properties of real polycrystalline grains in two dimensions are investigated on the basis of a large dataset (14,810 grains). The distribution of grain edges, the grain topology-size relationship and the short- and long-range topological correlations between neighboring grains are characterized quantitatively. The results show a strong short-range topological correlation between a center grain and its first nearest neighbors, and a trivial long-range topological correlation beyond the first nearest neighbors (on average). Both the short- and long-range relations are well described by a generalized Aboav-Weaire law reported recently. Meanwhile, it is the perimeter law, rather than the Lewis law, that describes appropriately the relationship between the topology and geometry of metallurgical grains.

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JournalMaterials Characterization
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Nov


  • Aboav-Weaire law
  • Characterization
  • Lewis law
  • Perimeter law
  • Topological properties

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