Low-frequency spin dynamics in a canted antiferromagnet

Norio Kumada, Koji Muraki, Yoshiro Hirayama

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Resistively detected nuclear spin relaxation measurements in closely separated two-dimensional electron systems reveal strong low-frequency electron-spin fluctuations in the quantum Hall regime. As the temperature is decreased, the spin fluctuations, manifested by a sharp enhancement of the nuclear spin-lattice relaxation rate 1/T1, continue to grow down to the lowest temperature of 66 millikelvin. The observed divergent behavior of 1/T1 signals a gapless spin excitation mode and is a hallmark of canted antiferromagnetic order. Our data demonstrate the realization of a two-dimensional system with planar broken symmetry, in which fluctuations do not freeze out when approaching the zero temperature limit.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)329-332
Number of pages4
Issue number5785
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Jul 21

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