Low magnetic damping for equiatomic CoFeMnSi Heusler alloy

L. Bainsla, R. Yilgin, M. Tsujikawa, K. Z. Suzuki, M. Shirai, S. Mizukami

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Magnetic materials with low Gilbert damping and low magnetization are necessary for the realization of faster or more energy-efficient spintronic devices based on spin-transfer-torque. Here, we report Gilbert damping in epitaxially grown equiatomic quaternary CoFeMnSi Heusler alloy films. The 10 nm-thick films show a saturation magnetization of MS = 630 emu cm-3 and a Gilbert damping constant of , which are relatively small values among transition metal ferromagnets, in addition to its soft magnetic properties. The physical origin of the relatively low damping and the possibility of a further reduction of α to the ultra-low damping regime ∼10-4 are discussed in terms of the spin-gapless-like electronic structure and the effect of the chemical order computed from first principles.

Original languageEnglish
Article number495001
JournalJournal Physics D: Applied Physics
Issue number49
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Oct 11


  • Gilbert damping
  • Heusler alloys
  • magnetic properties
  • magnetization dynamics
  • spin-gapless semiconductor
  • spintronics
  • thin films


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