Magneto-optical measurements of β-(BEDT-TTF)2AuI 2

H. Ohta, Y. Oshima, Y. Inagaki, S. Okubo, M. Kimata, K. Koyama, M. Motokawa, T. Mori

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Magneto-optical measurements of β-(BEDT-TTF)2AuI 2, which has an Isotropic two dimensional Fermi surface in the ab-plane, have been performed at 1.8 K by using cavity perturbation technique with steady magnetic field and mosaic transmission technique with pulsed magnetic field. A cyclotron resonance coming from the quasi two dimensional Fermi surface has been observed in both measurements for H⊥ab-plane. Obtained effective mass was 0.9 mc and this result is smaller than the mass obtained by the Shubnikov-de Haas measurement, which suggests the existence of electron-electron interactions in the system.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)527-528
Number of pages2
JournalSynthetic Metals
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Apr 4


  • Cyclotron resonance
  • Fermi surface
  • Organic conductors based on radical calion and/or anion salts


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