Neutral-current νμn and νμp cross sections from high-energy neutrino interactions in deuterium

T. Kafka, W. A. Mann, S. Sommars, R. Englemann, R. A. Burnstein, J. Hanlon, H. A. Rubin, C. Y. Chang, G. A. Snow, D. Son, P. H. Steinberg, D. Zieminska, T. Kitagaki, S. Tanaka, H. Yuta, K. Abe, K. Hasegawa, Akira Yamaguchi, K. Tamai, T. HayashinoS. Kunori, Y. Otani, H. Hayano, C. C. Chang, A. Napier, J. Schneps

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In an exposure of the deuterium-filled 15 ft bubble chamber, σ(νμn→νμX)σ(νμp→νμX) is measured to be 1.01±0.14. The ratios of neutral-current to charged-current cross sections are 0.30±0.03, 0.22±0.03, and 0.49±0.06 for D2, n, and p targets, respectively, which imply values uL2=0.19±0.06 and dL2=0.13±0.04 for the neutral-current chiral couplings. Evidence for both u- and d-quark jets in neutral-current reactions is observed in distributions of energy fraction of the fastest hadron of either charge from each event.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)910-914
Number of pages5
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number14
Publication statusPublished - 1982 Jan 1

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