Optical Soliton Propagation Using 3Ghz Gain-Switched 1.3µM Laser Diodes

K. Iwatsuki, A. Takada, M. Saruwatari

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No-chirped high-peak-power optical pulses at a 2.6 GHz repetition rate from gain-switched 1-3µm distributed feedback laser diodes were obtained using both linear fibre compression, and Raman amplification. Coupling these pulses into a dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fibre, we have demonstrated optical soliton propagation at a high repetition rate using the laser diodes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1572-1574
Number of pages3
JournalElectronics Letters
Issue number25
Publication statusPublished - 1988


  • Optical communicationsye
  • Semiconductor lasers


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