Optical spectra of polygermane/mesoporous silica nanocomposites

Nina Ostapenko, Nata Kozlova, Shozo Suto, Masato Nanjo, Kunio Mochida

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The monitoring of poly(di-n-hexylgermane) (PDHG) optical spectra in a variety of structures ranging from a bulk film to a nanosize polymer confined into a nanopore of SBA-15 was performed using the fluorescence and fluorescence excitation spectra in the temperature range from 5 to 240 K as well as the absorption and FTIR spectra at room temperature. The observed data were compared with those obtained for poly(di-n-hexylsilane). It was shown that PDHG film absorption and fluorescence spectra strongly depend on the polymer thickness and consist of a number of bands which were assigned to centers with different amount of trans- and gauche- conformers of the polymer chains. Conformations of the polymer chains found in a thin film and in a 10 nm pore are similar while differing from the conformations of a thick film. Optical spectra of the confined PDHG are blue-shifted relative to those of a thin film. The PDHG polymer chain conformation becomes disordered with the decrease of the polymer film thickness and the nanopore size from 10 to 6 nm.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)148-155
Number of pages8
JournalMacromolecular Symposia
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2008 May


  • Films
  • Nanocomposltes
  • Optical spectra
  • Poly(di-n-hexylgermane)
  • SBA-15


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