Phase Transitions in Intermetallic Compounds Ni-Mn-Ga with Shape Memory Effect

Igor Dikshtein, Victor Koledov, Vladimir Shavrov, Alexandra Tulaikova, V. Buchelnikov, V. Khovailo, M. Matsumoto, T. Takagi, Junji Tani

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JhR effect of a magnetic field on the formation of structural domains at martensitic transition in the intennetallic system Ni2+-4Mni.jtGa was studied. For the compositions X whose the temperatures of structural and magnetic transitions are close this effect is most pronounced. In the field of 0.2 to l T the increase in the transition temperature is linear with the coefficient of 0.015 K/T. Estimates of the transition temperature shift based on thermodynamic calculations arc in good agreement with the experimental data. It is shown that the switching on the magnetic field at some critical temperature induces partial transformation of austenite into martensite. )

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3811-3813
Number of pages3
JournalIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Issue number5 PART 2
Publication statusPublished - 1999


  • Magnetic phase transition
  • Phase diagram
  • Shape memory effect
  • Structural phase transition


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