Photoinduced intermolecular electron transfer and energy transfer of C60 dendrimers

Yasuyuki Araki, Ryouta Kunieda, Mamoru Fujitsuka, Osamu Ito, Jiro Motoyoshiya, Hiroshi Aoyama, Yutaka Takaguchi

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Photoinduced intermolecular electron-transfer and energy-transfer processes of the fullerodendrimers with two poly(amidoamine)dendron groups of 0.5-th, 1.5-th and 2.5-th generations have been investigated by laser flash photolysis. The rate constants and quantum yields of photoinduced electron transfer with the added aromatic amine donors in PhCN tend to decrease with the dendron generation, indicating that the bulky dendron groups act as barriers for the donor molecules to approach the C60 moiety in the center of the dendrimers. The decreases in the rate constants of triplet energy transfer processes vs. O2 and β-carotene with the dendron generation are smaller than those of electron-transfer process, probably because effective encounter radii for energy transfer are larger than those for electron transfer; hence, less sensitive to dendrimer generation. A kinetic model for intermolecular electron-transfer and energy-transfer of fullerodendrimers was proposed. To cite this article: Yasuyuki Araki et al., C. R. Chimie 9 (2006).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1014-1021
Number of pages8
JournalComptes Rendus Chimie
Issue number7-8
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Jul


  • Dendrimer
  • Electron-transfer
  • Energy-transfer
  • Fullerene
  • Laser flash photolysis


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