Positron CT imaging of an impending stroke

M. Itoh, J. Hatazawa, C. Pozzilli, T. Matsuzawa, Y. Abe, H. Fukuda, T. Fujiwara, S. Watanuki, T. Ido

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We present PET findings of a case of a transient ischemic attack which later progressed to cerebral infarction. Cerebral blood flow at the stroke focus in the right parietal cortex measured after a TIA attack and before stroke was as low as 24 ml/100 g/min with some increase in oxygen extraction fraction and blood volume. The condition was compatible with "misery perfusion". This case may be an example suggestive that the "misery perfusion sign" is a warning of impending stroke and its poor prognosis if left without appropriate treatments.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)276-279
Number of pages4
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1988 Jun


  • Cerebral blood flow
  • Cerebral infarction
  • Positron tomography
  • Transient ischemic attack


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