Production of ΛΛ4H hypernuclei

J. K. Ahn, S. Ajimura, H. Akikawa, B. Bassalleck, A. Berdoz, D. Carman, R. E. Chrien, C. A. Davis, P. Eugenio, H. Fischer, G. B. Franklin, J. Franz, T. Fukuda, L. Gan, H. Hotchi, A. Ichikawa, K. Imai, S. H. Kahana, P. Khaustov, T. KishimotoP. Koran, H. Kohri, A. Kourepin, K. Kubota, M. Landry, M. May, C. Meyer, Z. Meziani, S. Minami, T. Miyachi, T. Nagae, J. Nakano, H. Outa, K. Paschke, P. Pile, M. Prokhabatilov, B. P. Quinn, V. Rasin, A. Rusek, H. Schmitt, R. A. Schumacher, M. Sekimoto, K. Shileev, Y. Shimizu, R. Sutter, T. Tamagawa, L. Tang, K. Tanida, K. Yamamoto, L. Yuan

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The alternating-gradient synchrotron (AGS) experiment E906 was carried out to observe the production of double-Λ hypernuclei. Strong evidence for the production of ΛΛ4H in (K-,K+) on 9Be was obtained.

Original languageEnglish
Article number132504
Pages (from-to)132504/1-132504/5
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Sept 24


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