(Pr0.75Ce0.25)-Fe-B hot-deformed magnets for cryogenic applications

Xin Tang, Jiawei Lai, H. Sepehri-Amin, T. Ohkubo, K. Hono

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We explored the possibility of Pr-Fe-B and (Pr0.75Ce0.25)-Fe-B based hot-deformed magnets as magnetic field source for cryogenic magnetic refrigeration. Thanks to the elimination of spin reorientation effect in the rare earth (RE)-Fe-B system, Pr-Fe-B based hot-deformed magnet shows a large remanence of µ0Mr = 1.75 T with a coercivity of 7.4 T at 20 K. To our surprise, (Pr0.75Ce0.25)-Fe-B based hot-deformed magnet shows even higher remanence of 1.76 T with a coercivity of 4.8 T at 20 K. The measured maximum energy product of the anisotropic (Pr0.75Ce0.25)-Fe-B hot-deformed magnets is 612 kJ/m3 at 20 K, demonstrating their potential as a low-cost permanent magnet for cryogenic applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number113648
JournalScripta Materialia
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Mar 15


  • Cryogenic magnetic refrigeration
  • Hot-deformed magnet
  • Permanent magnet
  • Remanent magnetization


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