Pulsed high magnetic field ESR measurement on Ni/Pd nano-particles

H. Hori, T. Teranishi, T. Sasaki, M. Miyake, Y. Yamamoto, S. Yamada, H. Nojiri, M. Motokawa

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An ESR experiment on Ni/Pd nano-particles was performed using high frequency and high magnetic field. As a result, special spin polarization in Pd/Ni nano-particles was observed in the Pd core around Ni, although the molecular orbits are made from eigenfunctions of a 3D-well potential. The spin polarization region forms localized or isolated states in the region with low Ni-concentration, but above a concentration of about 4 at%, coupling between the spin polarized regions around Ni appears. ESR-signals of Ni/Pd particles suggest that not only Ni atoms in the surface layer, but also Pd atoms in the core of the particles contribute to the magnetic polarization.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)292-297
Number of pages6
JournalPhysica B: Condensed Matter
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Jan


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