Progressos recentes no modelamento matemático do alto- forno

Translated title of the contribution: Recent progress in the mathematical modeling of blast furnaces

Mansheng Chu, Hiroshi Nogami, Jun Ichiro Yagi

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In order to better understand, control and improve the complicated blast furnace process, a number of attempts have been made to develop mathematical models. New technologies, such as high rate injection of pulverized coal and the effective use of carbonaceous and ferrous materials, have been tested in the past decade aiming to increase productivity, decrease energy consumption and lower environment load. The mathematical models based on chemical kinetics and transport phenomena theory are useful tools for understanding and predict the in-furnace status under such operations.This paper gives an outline of the recent development of the blast furnace models. Then, the applications of the mathematical model to simulate the novel operations are summarized. Examples of new technologies are suggested from the results of the simulation. Finally, the future aspects for development of blast furnace mathematical models are discussed.

Translated title of the contributionRecent progress in the mathematical modeling of blast furnaces
Original languagePortuguese
Number of pages4
Specialist publicationMetalurgia e Materiais
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Nov

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