Recent technical progress on BA Program: DEMO activities and IFMIF/EVEDA

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The Broader Approach (BA) activities consists of three major projects: the International Fusion Energy Research Center (IFERC) project, the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility/Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities (IFMIF/EVEDA) project, and the Satellite Tokamak Programme (STP, JT-60SA). These projects have been carried out to obtain basic data for the design of DEMO fusion reactor from 2007. For 8-year activities, the above projects could produce a set of fruitful results for the DEMO reactor. DEMO design activity has been conducted to build a set of DEMO design bases in accordance with a series of discussion between EU and JA. In the DEMO R&D activities, five basic R&D subjects for a DEMO blanket system have been selected, and been studies under close collaborations between EU and JA: structure materials (RAFM steels and SiC/SiC composites), functional materials (tritium breeders and neutron multipliers), and tritium technology. Some additional R&D subjects recommended by peer review comments have also been studied successfully in recent years. Regarding the IFMIF/EVEDA project, some main components of the accelerator facility been designed and tested. The validation test using EVEDA Lithium Test Loop (ELTL) was also completed successfully in October 2014.

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