Research on design of dialogue session concerning nuclear technology

Daisuke Karikawa, Ekou Yagi, Tae Toba, Makoto Takahashi, Masaharu Kitamura

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Toward resolving nuclear conflict, deep dialogue sessions among stakeholders having different opinions concerning nuclear technology are strongly required. In order to realize a fair and constructive dialogue session, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the dialogue session, e.g., participant selection, agenda setting, facilitation, and rules of dialogue. The basic requirements for a dialogue session have been proposed in this study based on theoretical and empirical analyses of previous dialogue sessions on nuclear issues. The theoretical analysis has been performed based on various aspects concerning defects in nuclear communication mentioned in science and technology studies. The empirical analysis has been performed by analyzing participants' responses and by systematizing practical findings of previous dialogues. The proposed requirements for a dialogue session were utilized for the design and operation of a preliminary attempt of a dialogue session named "Open Forum for Nuclear Communication." Through the analysis of data, such as minutes and recorded conversations collected after the session, it has been confirmed that the prespecified requirements have been satisfied. In addition, the participants' responses have shown a high acceptance for an open forum. According to these results, the basic validity and effectiveness of the proposed requirements in the design of a dialogue session have been successfully demonstrated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)150-165
Number of pages16
JournalTransactions of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2010 Jun


  • Conflicting viewpoints
  • Design and evaluation
  • Dialogue forum
  • Dialogue session
  • Nuclear communication
  • Nuclear technology
  • Science and technology studies


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