Role of acoustic streaming in formation of unsteady flow in billet sump during ultrasonic dc casting of aluminum alloys

Sergey Komarov, Takuya Yamamoto

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The present work investigated melt flow pattern and temperature distribution in the sump of aluminum billets produced in a hot-top equipped direct chilling (DC) caster conventionally and with ultrasonic irradiation. The main emphasis was placed on clarifying the effects of acoustic streaming and hot-top unit type. Acoustic streaming characteristics were investigated first by using the earlier developed numerical model and water model experiments. Then, the acoustic streaming model was applied to develop a numerical code capable of simulating unsteady flow phenomena in the sump during the DC casting process. The results revealed that the introduction of ultrasonic vibrations into the melt in the hot-top unit had little or no effect on the temperature distribution and sump profile, but had a considerable effect on the melt flow pattern in the sump. Our results showed that ultrasound irradiation makes the flow velocity faster and produces a lot of relatively small eddies in the sump bulk and near the mushy zone. The latter causes frequently repeated thinning of the mushy zone layer. The numerical predictions were verified against measurements performed on a pilot DC caster producing 203 mm billets of Al-17%Si alloy. The verification revealed approximately the same sump depth and shape as those in the numerical simulations, and confirms the frequent and large fluctuations of the melt temperature during ultrasound irradiation. However, the measured temperature distribution in the sump significantly differed from that predicted numerically. This suggests that the present mathematical model should be further improved, particularly in terms of more accurate descriptions of boundary conditions and mushy zone characteristics.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3532
Issue number21
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Nov 1


  • Acoustic streaming
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Experimental verification
  • Mathematical model
  • Mushy zone
  • Sump evolution
  • UltrasonicDCcasting
  • Unsteady flow phenomena


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