Room-temperature ferromagnetism in transparent transition metal-doped titanium dioxide

Y. Matsumoto, M. Murakami, T. Shono, T. Hasegawa, T. Fukumura, M. Kawasaki, P. Ahmet, T. Chikyow, S. Y. Koshihara, H. Koinuma

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Dilute magnetic semiconductors and wide gap oxide semiconductors are appealing materials for magnetooptical devices. From a combinatorial screening approach looking at the solid solubility of transition metals in titanium dioxides and of their magnetic properties, we report on the observation of transparent ferromagnetism in cobalt-doped anatase thin films with the concentration of cobalt between 0 and 8%. Magnetic microscopy images reveal a magnetic domain structure in the films, indicating the existence of ferromagnetic long-range ordering. The materials remain ferromagnetic above room temperature with a magnetic moment of 0.32 Bohr magnetons per cobalt atom. The film is conductive and exhibits a positive magnetoresistance of 60% at 2 kelvin.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)854-856
Number of pages3
Issue number5505
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Feb 2


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