Scanning tunneling microscopy study of fullerenes

T. Sakurai, X. D. Wang, Q. K. Xue, Y. Hasegawa, T. Hashizume, H. Shinohara

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    Scanning tunneling microscopy investigations of adsorption and film growth of various fullerenes on semiconductor and metal surfaces are reviewed. The fullerenes being studied are C60, C70, C84, Sc@C82 and Y@C82 and the substrates being used for adsorption are Si (111), Si (100), Ge (111), GaAs (110), GaAs (001), Au (111), Au (110), Au (100), Cu (111) and Ag (111) surfaces.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)263-408
    Number of pages146
    JournalProgress in Surface Science
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - 1996 Jan 1

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    • Condensed Matter Physics
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